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Scope of Services

Coast 2 Coast Building Control provides a full Building Regulations service bespoke to your project.

The process starts with the Initial Notice. We are required to serve this on the relevant Local Authority to inform them of our involvement with the project

Plan Assessment
We understand that design work on a scheme may start well in advance of the project getting to site. We offer a preliminary assessment of the layouts particularly in relation to means of escape and Part B. General advice will be given relating to Part E & Part L. This provides surety that there will be no ‘unforeseen unwelcome surprises’ further along when budgets have been set and tenders submitted.

An illustration of how we fit into the development process when compared with traditional local authorities is demonstrated in the attached project implementation plan (2 pages)

In fact, Coast 2 Coast Building Control Limited will assess submitted plans, give advice and liaise with the design team from initial concepts right through to the end of the project. We can do this via monthly updates to the design team on the status of the Plan Assessment process leading up to plan approval which maybe in a form of full, stage or conditional approval

We provide an assessment of the structural package via our fully qualified consulting engineer

Coast 2 Coast will also consult with the Fire Authority through the design development of the project where the Regulatory Reform Order applies to the development.

Project Team Meetings
Coast 2 Coast project surveyor may be available for project team meetings as required. These can be coordinated to fit in with site inspections.

Site Inspections
Site inspections are spot checks on the progress of works; our inspections are to ensure good building practices are being carried out, so that on completion of the works a final certificate can be issued. Coast 2 Coast undertakes site inspections and report back the project team.

We will witness air tests and drain tests, fire alarm and emergency lighting tests.

Site reports may be issued on a monthly basis to coincide with project progress meetings. These will highlight site progress and any contraventions that may need to be attended too.

When we are satisfied that the completed project shows compliance with the Building Regulations and the relevant commissioning certification is provided the final certificate will be issued to the Local Authority, a copy of which will be passed to the client. A completion certificate will also be issued to the client.

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