Ian Lawrence
Ian has 29 years experience in the construction industry and started work in the civil engineering sector working on bridges and refurbishment of the National Theatre.  Ian left engineering and joined the building control sector and during that time was a technical adviser for the civil service for two years.

During his time in the Local Authority Ian gained experience working on high rise residential developments along with schools across the Greenwich Borough.

Ian has overseen many different type of projects in both the residential and commercial sectors which include refurbishments of theatres and medium rise mixed use buildings as well as many types of office refurbishments across London, retail fitouts on Oxford Street to shopping centres, to working on parts of the 02 development.

During Ian’s time as an Approved Inspector he has gained a great deal of experience on high end residential developments ranging from large single family dwelling houses to dealing with many change of use refurbishments to creating flats in medium rise buildings.  Due to the type of demands required in modern design Ian has worked closely with fire engineers to overcome the barriers in fire safety. Ian has become a great asset working with architects on new build and refurbishment of block of flats in and around London enabling the end user to achieve fire safety with a design they are pleased with.

Whilst working in Central Government as a technical advisor Ian overlooked appeals and policies mainly on disabled access as well and assisted with other parts of the Building Regulations. During this time Ian also sat on the committee for the revision of BS8300 and chaired a sub-committee and was involved in production of the new document to aid disabled access to all types of domestic dwellings in DD266 – Accessible homes, which has since gone on to become a British Standard.

Ian Lawrence