Tuggan Dikkez Senior Surveyor
Tugkan has a wealth of experience across the construction industry spanning 29 years having joined us in 2015.

Tugkan started his career with refurbishment works where his time spent with tradesman gave him a very practical knowledge and experience in different types of construction and refurbishment works. During this time he wrote specifications and administered construction/refurbishment works.

Tugkan went on to become project manager for large consultants and contractors such as Taylor Woodrow and University of Greenwich putting him in charge of many commercial refurbishment projects ranging from small to multi million pound projects in the educational laboratories, lecture theatres and classrooms as well as hotels.

Whilst working on these projects he gained a lot of experience on health and safety in the industry particularly on the CDM regulations and had been appointed on several jobs as a Planning Supervisor and later as a CDM-C under the Construction Design and Management Regulations.

Tugkan worked with City West homes as a contract manager for aids and adaptations and Chapter One a charity organisation, working as property manager with different premises across the country working with people from many different organisations’ and skills.

Tugkan changed his career and joined us in Building Control.  He has been a great asset utilising all of his skills from the construction industry into Building Control, being able to assist our clients in many ways with a great practical understanding of construction as well as the Regulation aspects.

Tugkan over the years has also worked in the disability Access field and has significant experience in the accessibility of buildings particularly access audits and access consultancy and giving our clients a good understanding of their obligations under the Equality Act.


Tugkan Dikkez