Plan Risk Analysis

Plan Risk Analysis

Plan checking is part of the process to seek approval under the Building Regulations.  For larger and/or complex designs plan checking after planning and just before works are due to commence could be costly if an issue is raised causing a design change, especially if costs have to be re-adjusted after initially being agreed.

From past experiences and ever increasing demand form clients for flexible designs, Coast 2 Coast have found that fire safety, accessibility, and thermal energy are the common areas where problems can be found and can be costly to rectify.  Making late alterations often result in a disappointed client who not only ends up with a design they didn’t quite want, but also ends up paying a higher price for the re-design and construction.

Coast 2 Coast provide a service where we can look at some of these issues on a preliminary basis and highlight any potential issue there may be.  

This has helped our clients to incorporate any design changes and also keep their clients informed at an early stage where decisions can be made.

This is the stage where the relevant experts can be employed to overcome potential barriers with innovative ideas and the client can end up with not only a compliant building at an affordable cost, but also one they will happy with.

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