The world we live in is becoming more diverse. Technology today is making life better for people who have a wide variety of disabilities, enabling them to work, socialise and become increasingly independent.

It is important that developers and designers keep up these changes by creating building with greater accessibilities enabling people to do the everyday things we take for granted.

There are many types of disabilities to cater for and within each disabilities there are many variants, thus making design more challenging.  Coast 2 Coast have surveyors who can advise on the legislation and help you move forward using all the latest guidance and knowledge.

The approved document M accepts that it cannot give advice on all types of buildings eg leisure centres and sports venues. Extra thought and care needs to be taken to ensure these buildings are accessible.

It is acknowledged that with existing buildings there can be many restraints.  It is always good practice to employ experts to help create an access strategy. This will not only assist the designer, but also enable to end user to have better understanding on how treat all people.

Coast 2 Coast can provide Access Consultancy Services to a wide range of documents needed. Our services can range from a simple Access Audit to a full Access Consultancy service providing design advice and assistance with meeting the requirements for necessary legislation that is in place.

Note, that by complying with the Building Regulations does not necessarily exempt you from being taken to court for discrimination under the Equality Act. Our surveyors can advise you with this and help you through the process.

It is important to remember that discrimination against any person is wrong. With thought and innovation, buildings can become accessible to all people and this in turn gives a greater revenue to the end user. In addition; it is not just the physical built environment that needs to change, the changes also need to arise from management policies and attitudes towards disabled people be it guests, members of the public or employees.

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