Energy Resourcefulness

Energy Resourcefulness

The environment around us is changing and it is our responsibility to ensure that good design and construction methods achieve buildings that:-

  • Have a reduction of heat loss CO2 emissions
  • Are efficient to use throughout their lifespan
  • Are constructed using materials more friendly to the environment
  • Are constructed using a method that does not harm the environment


It is important that developers are introduced to as many methods and designs that meet the above requirements.

Coast 2 Coast work alongside experts who can advise on the best way forward to not only comply with the Building Regulations, but go beyond and create buildings that will be able to withstand changes that are occurring within our environment.

Support needs to be given to contractors to ensure that the approved design can be adhered to during construction. Early consultation, will enable contractors to give advice on:

  • Cost
  • Availability of materials and equipment
  • Practicality of construction

It is always advisable to check what skill requirements are needed when using modern methods of construction to ensure that the efficiency designed for is achieved.

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